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WOMBATT Fatigue Management officially release for the mining industry at MinExpo2021 their new WOMBATT-VOZ voice based AI fatigue prediction technology. The company has developed an algorithm for the European Space Agency that predicts astronaut fatigue risk up to 5 hours ahead, with up to 90% accuracy proven in Space agency tests for use in future manned missions to the Moon, Mars and beyond. WOMBATT's artificial intelligence, voice based fatigue prediction technology, which learns each users personal voice characteristics, is a generation ahead of all existing fatigue detection technologies currently in use in the mining industry. Prof. Jean Verhardt, WOMBATT CEO said "In order to make the technology widely available, WOMBATT have developed a low cost subscription App for any existing Android, Apple or Microsoft smartphone, tablet or computer device to record and transmit an 8 second voice recording three or more times per shift to a cloud server, which is instantly analysed by the algorithm for the users fatigue status and the result is immediately returned to the users device . Plus a message or email is sent to management, dispatch or the control centre." The App is backed up by a comprehensive cloud reporting system. Because the technology uses Wifi, GSM or satellite communciations, is forward looking for many hours and can therefore be used far beyond the limits of the worksite, it is ideal for use as a fitness for work system and fitness to drive home in addition to regular work time during shift. WOMBATT-VOZ works well in tandem with existing camera and other fatigue detection systems for belt and braces protection for haul truck drivers. With the users own smartphone carried in their pocket, WOMBATT-VOZ can also be used by grader, dozer and shovel operators, pickup drivers, bus drivers and even critical office or dispatch workers. According to Prof. Verhardt "An important feature of the system is its complete NON INTRUSIVENESS. The driver or operator has 'agency', that is, full control over when and where to make each recording, which can then be monitored by supervisors in the cloud reporting system". For this reason alone, plus ease of use, WOMBATT-VOZ has proven very popular with both workers and unions. In the words of management at an open pit mine. "I believe it is the only system on the market that is a predictive tool for identifying fatigue before it leads to an incident. Which then teaches the user to become the predictor and ultimately make changes to their lifestyle and create better habits to prevent fatigue events. Once this happens, you are then able to optimize time and resources to work with leading indicators vs. time and resources chasing lagging indicators and not solving the root problem. The root problem in my opinion is operators not fully understanding what is inhibiting proper rest or how much they truly need, or partially a suboptimal schedule that could be changed". A number of mines in both North and South America are already using the technology and have all expressed great satisfaction with it. The system can be seen in action in Las Vegas at MinExpo2021, Booth 27706 South Hall, or contact WOMBATT directly at

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