Company Description

IntellTech is a software technology company, whose core business is to supply Custom Digital Projects for geotechnical monitoring and inspection activities for the global mining sector. The term "Custom Digital Projects" is a package that includes two Web-Mobile intelligent integrated Platforms, a Slope Health Monitoring System (SHMS) and Geo Inspector, as well as the custom services in which the needs, requirements, conditions and business rules of each specific client are considered. With extensive practical and theoretical expertise in Infrastructure, Information Technology, Data Science and Geosciences, and supported by a highly skilled, experienced and multidisciplinary technical team, despite the provision of Personalized Digital Projects, IntellTech stands out globally as one of the largest (if not the largest) market references, in its core business. Therefore, the objective is to generate disruptive innovation, especially in the integration/digitalization of the customer’s business, especially in the monitoring and management of structural risk – so that meets, in their full scope, the general needs, requirements and demands and specific, in each customer, in particular. SHMS and Geo Inspector can be installed in just one day by the IntellTech infrastructure team if some primary conditions are met. Therefore, its clients can quickly benefit from the installation of those platforms (i.e., SHMS and Geo Inspector), even if the Custom Project isn’t finished yet.

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