Company Description

Dos Santos International (DSI) is the world’s foremost authority on Sandwich Belt high angle conveyors, founded and led by the inventor of the system, Joe Dos Santos. DSI was founded on its extensive worldwide experience in sales, engineering, and construction of bulk materials handling systems and equipment. This has included major contributions that have expanded the range of bulk handling and transport solutions. Most notably advances in Sandwich Belt high angle conveyors have led to their worldwide utilization. Dos Santos International’s mission is to provide the most economical and versatile materials handling systems for the industry, while adapting to the changing needs and demands of our customers. DSI has over 40 years of expertise in providing solutions for mining, power plants, steel mills, wood chips at pulp and paper mills, tunneling, wastewater treatment, cement plants, fertilizer plants, recycling plants, diamond mines, gold mines, oil refineries and mobile shiploading. The innovation of DSI has offered these industries cost savings solutions with reduction of real estate and dock space, environmentally helpful answers and low maintenance equipment. Aside from high angle conveying, DSI offers engineering consulting, conventional and overland conveying, upgrades of existing conveyor systems, plant modifications and field assistance and technical and economic studies and evaluations.

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