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The Hydracore HC2000 Man-portable Drill is the combination of the Hydracore 2000 H size drill head, with the man-portable power pack. The powerpack can be made with three or four engines either 30 or 40 HP each engine. Another option is twin 70 HP engines.

While still being designed so that it can be moved by hand. This machine has the benefits of a H size hydraulic chuck. Ten foot rods can be used. Rod breaking is done mechanically with the drill head, which increases operator safety.
There is no other company in the world that can offer a man-portable machine that is based on as long a history of practical experience as Hydracore. Most of the other similar machines on the market are copies of Hydracore’s designs.
Hydracore has been making man-portable machines with multiple engines since 1997 and we are the pioneers of this multiple engine design.

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