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The Hydracore P sized drill head is a simple design offering solid reliability and high-power capacity. Our drill head can bolt on without any modifications to equipment from companies such as Epiroc, Discovery, Boart Longyear, Zinex and many others.
Hydracore’s drill head design operates with a carbon-based toothed belt driven system. The design eliminates the requirement for a gearbox which means fewer moving failure prone parts.
At the turn of a dial the belt driven system allows infinite speeds between 470rpm and 1550rpm with no need for gear changes. Reliability is never a concern as the belt drive is rated for over 500HP, is maintenance free and does not need any adjustment.
Through Hydracore’s unique approach there is no need for lubrication oil within the drill head, this eliminates environmental concerns due to oil leakage.
Our Drill Head solves following problems: • Leakage due to oil filled drill heads. • Wear and tear of parts. • Heating of the drill head at high speeds

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